Sarah Wilkinson

Director: Environmental Services, Administration and Finances


Willem Louw

Director: Human Resource Management, Personnel and HSE

002_Willem Louw_Director
003_Melanie Williamson_Director


Melanie Williamson

Director: International and National Observer Programs and Training

Stewart Norman

Director: Scientific Consulting, Administration and Operations

004_Stewart Norman_Director


Catriona Regan

Bookkeeping, Administration, Personnel and B-BEEE


Philip Augustyn

National Observer Programs and Training

006_Philip Augustyn_Training Manager
008_Rob Cooper_Scientific Consultant

Rob Cooper

Scientific and Technical Observer Program Support


Zonke Gumede

Data Manager and Quality Control


007_Zonke Gumede_Data Manager


Carika van Zyl

National Observer Program Coordinator


Jan Wissema

Contract Support Staff: Databases and Technical Support

010_Jan Wissema_Technical Consultant


David Japp

Contract Support Staff: Professional Consulting, Administration and Finances